4th July | Episode 13 – Bigg Boss OTT 3 Highlights

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Highlights

Bigg Boss OTT 3 highlights: Drama Heats Up!

  • Tarot reading predicts Shivani’s win, causing tension
  • Lovekesh gets nomination power, shakes things up
  • Eight contestants face possible eviction
  • Double elimination on the horizon
  • Show struggles with ratings sans Salman Khan
  • Expect kitchen fun, heel-walking antics, and more!

Fun Moments in the Kitchen

This episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3 will feature fun moments in the kitchen. The episode will begin with Shivani, Vishal, Lovekesh, and Manisha having a lot of fun.

Later, Vishal will be making roti in the kitchen, leading to a funny moment with Shivani and Armaan Malik.

Shivani Emphasizes Respecting Food and Tries on Heels

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Highlights

Shivani highlights the importance of respecting food and being grateful for it. She tries on Sana’s heels with the help of Armaan and Sana, adding a playful twist to the day.

Tarot Card Reader Predicts Shivani’s Bright Future

Manisha reads tarot cards for the whole house and predicts their futures. Shivani’s future indicates she can win the show, making her ecstatic and others worried.

The episode was filled with unexpected twists and turns. Contestants appeared not to be happy despite their outward appearances, influenced by a statement made by Manisha to Shivani.

The process for the fourth nomination begins with a special power given to Lovekesh Kataria, allowing him to manipulate nominations.

Lovekesh Holds the Power of Nominations

Eight people have been nominated in the process, including 3 girls and 5 boys. Lovekesh special power has stirred the dynamics in the house, adding an extra layer of tension.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Highlights

Manisha Cannot Be Saved by the Makers Anymore

Shivani’s name was not taken during nominations, as everyone knows the audience loves her. Bigg Boss announced that two people will be evicted this time, heightening the stakes.

Eviction of Manisha and Deepak for Inactivity

Viewers demanded the eviction of Manisha and Deepak due to their lack of participation. The fast-paced elimination and upcoming tasks involving three teams promise to bring more excitement.

Bigg Boss Ratings Drop Missing Salman, Boring Housemates

The audience has not been pleased with Bigg Boss OTT 3 without Salman. Additionally, the contestants are deemed boring, leading to low TRP ratings.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Highlights
Bigg Boss OTT 3 Voting
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Bigg Boss OTT 3 Voting - Vote for Your Favourite Contestant

Live Bigg Boss OTT 3 Voting – 6th Nomination
  • Armaan Malik
    10% 1k/ 9.9k
  • Chandrika Dixit
    6% 611/ 9.9k
  • Lovekesh Kataria
    14% 1.4k/ 9.9k
  • Shivani Kumari
    54% 5.4k/ 9.9k
  • Vishal Pandey
    14% 1.4k/ 9.9k

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