Bigg Boss Marathi 5: Riteish Deshmukh Steps In as Host – Launching Soon!


Big news for all you Bigg Boss Marathi fans! The hit reality show is back with its fifth season, and there’s a major change this time around. Bollywood and Marathi star Riteish Deshmukh is stepping in as the new host, taking over from Mahesh Manjrekar, who helmed the show for the first four seasons.

The Big Reveal

The first promo for Bigg Boss Marathi 5 was released on social media on May 21, and it’s already creating a buzz. Fans are thrilled to see the iconic Bigg Boss eye paired with Riteish Deshmukh’s energetic presence. The show is set to premiere in June on Colors Marathi and will also be available for streaming on Jio Cinema.

Why did Mahesh Manjrekar leave?

While the promo has left everyone excited, some social media users are disappointed about Mahesh Manjrekar’s exit and are curious why he isn’t part of the upcoming season. Though Mahesh hasn’t publicly discussed his departure, reports suggest he wanted to take a break from the show, which led to this change. Hosting such an intense and demanding show can be exhausting, and it seems like Mahesh decided it was time for a breather.

Mahesh Manjrekar

New Host, New Excitement

While some fans are sad to see Mahesh Manjrekar step down, many are excited about Riteish Deshmukh taking over. With his charm and wit, Riteish is expected to bring a fresh vibe to the show. His humor and relatability make him a perfect fit for Bigg Boss Marathi. Fans are eager to see how he will handle the high drama and emotional rollercoaster that Bigg Boss is famous for.

What to Expect This Season

Bigg Boss Marathi 5 is all set to bring more drama, excitement, and fun than ever! The producers have been really busy making sure this new season will be amazing. They’re building a fantastic Bigg Boss house with everything you can imagine – a garden, pool, activity area, and gym, all ready for the contestants to enjoy.

Life Inside the Bigg Boss House

For the contestants, life inside the Bigg Boss house will be quite the adventure. They’ll be cut off from the outside world – no TV, phones, or internet access. They’ll wear microphones all the time and speak only in Marathi. The familiar format remains: housemates will nominate each other for eviction, and the public will vote to save their favorites. The show will build up to a grand finale where the remaining contestants will compete for the top prize.

Fans Can’t Wait

Fans across Maharashtra have been eagerly awaiting the return of Bigg Boss Marathi. The launch of season 5 is set to be a major event, and anticipation is high. The producers are pulling out all the stops to make sure this season is filled with new twists and turns to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Riteish Deshmukh: The Perfect Host

Riteish Deshmukh is known for his versatility as an actor, and his addition as the host is expected to add a new dimension to the show. Fans are excited to see how he will handle the drama and emotions that come with the territory.

Riteish Deshmukh

Coming Attractions

The selection process for contestants is already underway. The producers aim to feature a diverse mix of personalities, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment. The contestants will be faced with various challenges and tasks, designed to test their patience, wit, and resilience.

Prepare for Drama

Bigg Boss Marathi 5 is shaping up to be an exciting season with plenty of surprises in store. From the luxurious house to the dynamic new host, there’s a lot to look forward to. So, get ready for a roller-coaster ride of emotions, drama, and entertainment.

In summary, Bigg Boss Marathi 5 is all set to make a grand return with Riteish Deshmukh as the new host. The show promises to deliver high-voltage drama and endless entertainment. Fans, buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable season!

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