22nd June | Episode 1 – Bigg Boss OTT 3 Highlights

Bigg Boss OTT 3 Episode 1 Highlights

Mobile Phones Given to Housemates

  • Significant power shift as housemates receive mobile phones.
  • Major rule change in the game dynamics.

Punishment for Neglect

  • Housemates punished for not inspecting the house properly.
  • Missed milk, sugar, and leaves.
  • Emphasis on thorough house inspection by Bigg Boss.

Paulmi and Vishal Conflict

  • Paulmi argues with Vishal over a peel.
  • Paulmi not aligned with the group of girls she sat with.
  • Vishal praises Sana but maintains distance due to her beauty.

Mystery of the 16th Outsider

  • Confusion among housemates about the number of people in the house.
  • Only 15 people identified, despite talk of a 16th outsider.
  • Vishal and Luv Kataria infatuated, causing issues along with Ranveer Shori.

Sana’s Special Power

  • Sana receives a phone to connect with the outside world.
  • Access to outside news and audience feedback to improve her game.
  • Risk of being identified as an outsider due to the information spread.

Consequences for Sana, Bonding by Munish

  • Sana faces punishment and is seen as clever by other housemates.
  • Munish actively tries to bond with everyone, housemates skeptical about game strategies.

Low Contribution and Strengthening Friendships

  • Notable low contribution from a house member.
  • Friendship between Luv and Vishal grows stronger.
  • Sai Ketan Rao feels rejected by Sana.

New Nickname for Sana

  • Deepak Chaurasia gives Sana the nickname Billo Chaman Bahar.
  • Uncertainty about the duration of Billo’s stay in the house.
Bigg Boss OTT 3 Voting
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Bigg Boss OTT 3 Voting - Vote for Your Favourite Contestant

Live Bigg Boss OTT 3 Voting – 6th Nomination
  • Armaan Malik
    10% 1k/ 9.9k
  • Chandrika Dixit
    6% 611/ 9.9k
  • Lovekesh Kataria
    14% 1.4k/ 9.9k
  • Shivani Kumari
    53% 5.3k/ 9.9k
  • Vishal Pandey
    14% 1.4k/ 9.9k

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